How We Work

Saba’s approach to early stage investing was specifically designed to catalyze technology innovation in the Rio Grande Innovation Corridor. While our focus is on the growth of the Innovation Corridor, our investments are not geographically limited. We will invest in technology start-ups of homegrown talent who live and work elsewhere. We are active, not passive investors, leveraging our partner/investor network to mentor entrepreneurs, help them refine their business plans, and make the vital connections that make startups successful. Our operating model is based on three core focus areas:

Target the Rio Grande Innovation Corridor

We are focused on the development and support of the technology industry and investment ecosystem in the Rio Grande Innovation Corridor. Our investors come from the border region and our investments are focused on businesses in the region. We work closely with the region’s educational institutions, research labs, incubators, and other start-up catalysts to identify new opportunities.

Focus On Cross-Border Collaboration

We are focused on making investments that leverage cross-border collaboration opportunities, matching technologies and companies from the two countries where we see synergies. We believe that greater potential for innovation and return on investment happens when investors from both sides of the border work together to identify opportunities to combine intellectual capital, fund them and grow them.

Work Closely with the Companies We Invest In

Much of Saba Investments’ success is based on our hands-on approach to investing. Our founding investors are entrepreneurs and experienced business operators from both sides of the border. We actively participate in the management of the companies we invest in to guide them through the stages all successful startups go through. Our involvement ensures a greater likelihood for success without hindering innovation or development of a unique company culture.

To learn more about how we work or to become an investor involved in growing the technology industry in the greater El Paso-Juarez region, please contact us.