Our Approach

Saba Investments is an early stage venture capital fund structured to identify and cultivate untapped investment opportunities in the Rio Grande Innovation Corridor, stretching from Albuquerque to El Paso-Ciudad Juarez. Our investment approach is designed to tap into the entrepreneurial assets of the cross-border region, identify opportunities and invest in promising companies. Our investments prove that we can find these opportunities, and our mission is to create an ecosystem that is self sustaining and will scale over the long turn.


The Opportunity

The Innovation Corridor, traditionally known for manufacturing is also rich in the talent and resources to required to build a world class technology ecosystem, including:

  • Research and development institutions
  • National labs
  • Universities
  • Technology Hub in Juarez
  • Hub of Human Innovation in El Paso

Taken together these resources give the Corridor the building blocks to create a sustainable tech ecosystem similar to those in Silicon Valley, Austin, New York, Boston and other high tech centers. The capital needed to seed these ventures is already present on both sides of the border, but the region has historically lacked an early stage fund dedicated to identifying opportunities, investing in them and nurturing those investments to fruition. That’s why Saba was founded and that’s what we do.

Our Thesis

The potential for disruptive technology innovation in the Innovation Corridor has existed on both sides of the border for some time but lacked a catalyst to exploit the opportunities. Saba’s approach - acting as a bridge for innovation by matching products and skills across the border, investing in them, and helping them grow was deliberately designed to leverage these opportunities. The fund is uniquely positioned to exploit this opportunity, given the deep market reach of its principles, investors and partners.

We Have the Expertise to Succeed

Saba understands the region’s technology space in a way that other investors can’t. We’re deeply connected in the region with a partner ecosystem that includes other early stage funds such as Verge Fund and innovation centers such as TechnologyHub in Ciudad Juarez, the Hub of Human Innovation, ABQId and other accelerators in the corridor. We know how to research investment prospects, identifying solid opportunities and our investments to date bear this out.

To learn more about Saba Investments or to become an investor, please contact us.