What We’re Looking For

Saba’s always interested in looking at new companies. If you’ve got a company or idea you think we’d be interested in we’re interested in talking to you. Here’s what we’re looking for: 

Cross-Border Potential

We’re focused on exploiting cross-border opportunities so we look first to understand if a potential investment is well positioned to take advantage of inefficiencies or opportunities on both sides of the border.

Strong Team

Like any investor we look for a strong team, both in terms of technical talent in management skill. We are biased towards teams where the managers have deep domain knowledge and the technical people have good business sense.


We look for companies with clear goals tied to a good plan model and market fit. When things get challenging which they often can, focus and discipline are more important than to us than the impulse to change the model or go off in a different direction.


Casting a wide net is usually not the way to build a good business. The target markets of companies we invest are well-defined, and the business plans for pursuing them have realistic benchmarks for exploiting the market opportunities. Our companies know the markets they operate in, they know their competitors and they know the dynamics that will affect them.

Talk To Us

If you think you fit our criteria and that we’d be interested we’d like you to fill out the form below which is designed to help us understand your company and/or idea.